Get Relief For Your Fearful Dog With Natural Herbs

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Does your pet present as a fearful dog?

Is your pet:

  • Occasionally timid?
  • Noise sensitive?
  • Anxious?
  • Territorial?

These behaviors are very common in rescue pets.

Fearful dogs have sometimes experienced trauma.

However, purebred puppies can develop these behaviors too.

When taking your pup to the vet to rule out possible health issues, ask them if an herbal treatment might help.

Find Relief For Your Fearful Dog With Natural Herbs

Traditional veterinarians may recommend putting your pup on medicine to help with their anxiety.

However, fearful dogs may benefit from herbal remedies rather than prescriptions.

According to a study published online in Neuropsychiatric Disease and Treatment, herbal formulas may achieve better effects with fewer side effects than conventional pharmaceuticals.

Furthermore, eight clinical trials and seven meta-analyses support this conclusion.

Kan Essentials Dispel Stasis In The Palace Of Blood is an herbal formula containing natural herbs to help your fearful dog.

Dry Fried Peeled Peach Seed

Firstly, veterinarians commonly prescribe peach seed to improve digestion.

Secondly, peach seed extract offers analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and anti-allergic effects.

Lastly, peach seed has antitussive, anti-asthma, and anti-liver fibrosis effects.

Dong Quai Root

Dong quai, also known as Angelica sinensis root, has been shown to affect estrogen and other hormones in animals.

Firstly, the study showed dong quai altered the activity of a protein in the brain linked to depression and normalized behaviors.

Secondly, another animal study had similar findings, showing an herbal treatment containing dong quai had clear anti-depressant effects.

Carthamus Flower

Multiple studies show carthamus, also known as safflower, offers anti-anxiety and antidepressant benefits.

Raw Rehmannia Root

Firstly, raw rehmannia root contains a complex sugar called Catalpol.

Secondly, this compound may target the hippocampus, a part of the brain that plays an important role in mood.

Thirdly, studies show Catalpol may have a positive effect on anxiety.

Vinegar Prepared Sparganium Rhizome

Veterinarians recommend sparganium rhizome for pain relief.

Vinegar Prepared Zedoary Rhizome

Zedoary is most commonly used for anxiety, stress, and fatigue.

Turmeric Root Tuber

Firstly, turmeric contains a bioactive compound called curcumin.

Secondly, studies link curcumin to treat anxiety, depression, and more.

Lastly, curcumin could boost serotonin and dopamine levels.

Cyathula Root

Studies suggest cyathula may benefit the treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and arthritis.

Chinese Red Peony Root

Red Peony Root is often recommended for depression.

Furthermore, multiple studies in animals show it has beneficial antidepressant qualities.

Platycodon Root

Veterinarians recommend platycodon for use as an anti-inflammatory, analgesic, sedative, and fever agent.

Bupleurum Root

Studies show the root of Bupleurum may be used to relieve the clinical manifestations of mental disorders such as depression, anxiety, and fear.

Dry Fried Bitter Orange Mature Fruit

Studies show orange offers anti-anxiety effects.

Sichuan Lovage Rhizome

Most importantly, veterinarians prescribe Lovage for its pain-relieving properties.

Chinese Licorice Root And Rhizome

Licorice root is considered a potent antiviral, antimicrobial and antifungal.

Looking for a natural supplement to help your fearful dog?

Try Kan Essentials Dispel Stasis In The Palace Of Blood.

Ali Lehman

Ali Lehman

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