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Posted by Holly Meyers Black on Monday, June 3, 2019


5 stars! By far the best receptionist I have met since moving here 5 years ago. Professional, clean, better pricing,…

Posted by Jenny Raabe-Eastep on Wednesday, March 20, 2019


Our Theory

Did you know using plants as medicine predates written human history? In fact, archaeological research shows humans used medicinal plants during the Paleolithic period, approximately 60,000 years ago.

Next,  jump forward to thousands of years ago. Humans discovered the power of herbs, acupuncture and Eastern therapies.

Years later, we discovered the importance of modern day science and Western medicine. Today, we appreciate and utilize the wonders of both.

Interestingly, medical scientists continue researching plants for their healing biochemical compounds.  In fact, For the past 25 years, 25% of all medical prescriptions dispensed from community pharmacies in the United States contained active principles extracted from plants. (NCBI)

Herbalists believe using the entire plant (whole herb) creates a more synergistic and holistic healing effect. Why?  Because the body recognizes herbs as food and utilizes herbs with few side effects.

In addition, whole herbs rebalance the entire system and promote health from the inside out.

Through our years of practice, we’ve successfully used natural remedies, like herbs, food therapy, and acupuncture, as powerful options for pet health care.

Does your pet suffer health challenges? Are you are looking for pet care combining the advantages of modern medicine with a natural, holistic, and herbal approach?

Discover new natural options and help your pet thrive!