How to Find the Best Thyroid Supplement for Dogs

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If your dog experiences symptoms related to atypical Cushing’s disease or Cushing’s disease, or if they have Cushing’s-like symptoms, you may be looking for thyroid supplements for dogs.

Your pup may experience occasional:

  • Low back weakness or stiffness.
  • Fatigue and lack of vitality,
  • Urinary incontinence or frequent urination,
  • Water retention.

Once your veterinarian rules out other serious health problems, it’s time to find the best thyroid supplement for dogs.

About Dog Thyroid Disease

Most importantly, older dogs typically suffer from Cushing’s disease. Furthermore, Cushing’s symptoms often mimic symptoms of other diseases.

What is Cushing’s Disease in Dogs?

Cushing’s disease in dogs is also called hyperadrenocorticism.

When a dog suffers from Cushing’s disease, the adrenal glands produce a variety of excess hormones, mostly cortisol.

Common Cushing’s symptoms include:

  • Increased hunger, thirst, and urination
  • Increased panting
  • Pot-belly appearance
  • Obesity
  • Excess fat on the neck and shoulders
  • Hair loss
  • Low energy

What is Atypical Cushing’s Disease in Dogs?

Firstly, atypical Cushing’s disease displays the same symptoms as Cushing’s disease, except there is no cortisol increase.

Secondly, the adrenal glands produce increased levels of intermediate adrenal steroids.

Thirdly, increased adrenal steroids lead to the same symptoms as typical Cushing’s. However, when the dog is tested with standard Cushing’s tests, the results fail to prove the diagnosis.

How to Find the Best Thyroid Supplement for Dogs

Luckily, dog thyroid diseases are easily treatable. Furthermore, natural supplements often help.

For example, Kan Essentials Rehmannia Eight Combination supports:

  • Healthy thyroid function
  • Healthy blood sugar levels
  • Renal health.

Kan Essentials Rehmannia Eight Combination contains a unique blend of natural herbs to benefit dogs with thyroid issues.

Prepared Rehmannia Root

Firstly, some research shows chemicals in rehmannia may affect the immune system and nervous system.

Secondly, Rehmannia may reduce pain and swelling.

Thirdly, some chemicals in rehmannia seem to lower blood sugar levels.

Chinese Yam Rhizome

This herb has many therapeutic uses, including in the treatment of poor appetite, chronic diarrhea, asthma, dry coughs, frequent urination, and diabetes.

According to one Chinese study, yam rhizomes have a curative effect on treating thyroid disease.

Asiatic Cornelian Cherry

Firstly, asiatic cornelian cherry was found in a study to lower total cholesterol and LDL levels.

Secondly, it was found to increase good cholesterol and decrease the stress hormone cortisol.


In one study, the herb Poria improved the effects of hypothyroidism.

Asian Water Plantain Rhizome

Experts also tout the benefits of Asian water plantain rhizome, known for its diuretic effects and treatment of anti-metabolic disorders.

Tree Peony Root Bark

Another Chinese herb used to treat thyroid issues in dogs is tree peony root bark. Vets consider it beneficial in addressing thyroid tumors and also in the early stages of thyroid disease.

Chinese Cinnamon Bark

In one study, it was found that cinnamon offers anti-inflammatory benefits.

Prepared Aconite Root

Veterinarians often recommend aconite to promote sweating.

Seeking the best thyroid supplement for dogs? Try Kan Essentials Rehmannia Eight Combination.

Ali Lehman

Ali Lehman

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