How To Use A Dog Allergy Blood Protein Supplement

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Does your pet suffer from common dog allergy symptoms?

Your pup may experience:

  • Itching and scratching
  • Irritated skin
  • Dry coat
  • Hot spots
  • Red and watery eyes

If this sounds like your pet, contact your veterinarian.

A holistic vet may recommend an all-natural supplement to treat your pet’s allergy symptoms.

What Causes Dog Allergies?

Allergies are typically chronic conditions.

An allergy is the result of the body’s abnormal reaction to an ordinary or seemingly harmless substance.

Aeroallergens include dust mites, mold, and tree or grass pollen.

Milk, egg, soy, wheat, nuts, and fish are common food allergens.

How Does A Dog Allergy Blood Protein Supplement Help?

WINPRO Allergy contains a blend of animal blood proteins and other key ingredients to help relieve issues related to allergies.

For example, this product is specifically formulated to combat itchy skin, sore spots or runny eyes head-on.

It relieves allergy issues, promotes healthy skin and coat, eases the negative effects of environmental toxins and supports seasonal and ongoing allergies.

WinPro Allergy Blood Protein Supplement can:

  • Reduce itching & scratching
  • Provide relief for issues relating to allergies
  • Promote healthy skin and coat
  • Help ease negative effects of environmental toxins
  • Support seasonal and ongoing allergies

About WinPro

  • Only offers products backed by science and proven to work.
  • WinPro makes products in the USA
  • They source all ingredients in the USA, whenever possible.
  • Ensures that products are all natural, wholesome and that your dog will love the taste.
  • WinPro keeps labels clean and never uses preservatives, artificial colors, fillers, or extenders.
  • They stand behind products no matter where you bought them or when.
  • Always work to make products better.

How To Administer WinPro Allergy Blood Protein Supplements

Daily Dose:

Dogs over 20 lbs = 2 chews per day, first thing in the morning
Dogs under 20 lbs = 1 chew per day, first thing in the morning

  • Can be used interchangeably
  • Dogs cannot overdose on WinPro
  • Can be safely used with other supplements or medications
  • You can safely discontinue use of WinPro at any time

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