How To Alleviate Dog Itching With Kan Essentials Cool The Blood

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Does dog itching keep your pup wound up?

He pants and paces around, even if your home is cool.

Does he itch his skin until it’s irritated?

Maybe he gulps water all day long.

A veterinarian trained in Eastern medicine in addition to Western medicine, might diagnose your pup elevated blood heat.

How is this diagnosed?

Your vet will look for the following symptoms.

Other Dog Itching Symptoms

  • Occasional intense itching
  • Occasional agitation, restlessness
  • Cool limbs
  • Heat intolerance, thirst

To alleviate these dog itching symptoms, your veterinarian may recommend a supplement such as Kan Essentials Cool the Blood.

Kan Essentials Cool The Blood Benefits For Dog Itching

  • Promotes healthy skin
  • Supports a healthy immune system
  • Supports vision
  • Alleviates dog itching

Kan Essentials Cool The Blood Ingredients For Dog Itching

Eastern herbs are often used in combination with medical Western treatment.

Sometimes the herbs are combined with Western medicine in a customized treatment plan.

Raw Rehmannia Root

TCVM veterinarians recommend raw rehmannia root for conditions such as fever, bleedings, anemia, dizziness, palpitations, and menstrual disorders.

Honeysuckle Flower

Chinese practitioners use honeysuckle to treat ailments such as snake bites, drawing out the “hot” toxin and cooling down the patient.

Scrophularia Root

Also known as the Chinese figwort, veterinarians administer scrophularia root for its cold properties, according to traditional Chinese medicine. It is a cooling herb.

Chinese Red Peony Root

Chinese red peony root can soothe discomfort from swollen eyes, nosebleeds and inflammatory injuries like sprains, bone breaks and bruising. Furthermore, it also promotes a healthy endocannabinoid system.

Gardenia Fruit

Some chemicals found in gardenia fruit may reduce insulin resistance and help prevent glucose intolerance.

Additionally, gardenia may also reduce swelling, lower blood fats and cholesterol, benefit the liver, and help treat viral infections.

Chinese Rhubarb Rhizome And Root

Veterinarians prescribe Chinese rhubarb rhizome and root for fever suppression or to reduce swelling in skin, a problem common with dog itching. Furthermore, it may also alleviate stomach ailments such as constipation.

Coptis Rhizome

In addition to its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, veterinarians recommend coptis chinensis to aid digestion and prevent constipation.

Forsythia Fruit

Forsythia fruit is known to alleviate ailments related to air passages in the lung,
tonsillitis, sore throat, fever, vomiting, heart disease and inflammation.

Chinese Salvia Root And Rhizome

Chinese salvia root and rhizome appear to thin the blood by preventing platelet and blood clotting. Additionally, they also may cause blood vessels to widen, improving circulation.

Lophatherum Herb

Lophatherum Herb may promote health of the urinary system.

Furthermore, it can improve cardiac function, decrease blood pressure and decrease cholesterol levels.

Ophiopogon Tuber

Veterinarians recommend ophiopogon tuber to benefit respiratory health. Additionally, it promotes healthy blood glucose level and supports digestive health.

About Kan Essentials

Kan Herb Company has been providing Chinese herbal formulas worldwide for more than 20 years.

Additionally, their products are manufactured at their facility in California.

Furthermore, their products are entirely made in the USA in a facility that adheres to rigorous current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP).

Where To Find Kan Essentials Cool The Blood For Dog Itching

Seeking an all natural solution for dog itching?

Get Kan Essentials Cool The Blood at TCVM Pet Supply.

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