Does Your Dog Need A Blood Building Diet?

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Does your dog need a blood building diet?

Maybe a TCVM (Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine) vet diagnosed your dog with a “Blood Deficiency.”

When you see the term “Blood Deficiency,” you may think of anemia.

However, anemia and blood deficiency aren’t one in the same.

What Is TCVM Blood Deficiency In A Dog?

In TCVM, “blood” is much more than the liquid red substance that is pumped by the heart and travels through your veins.

For instance, in TCVM, Blood provides nourishment and moisture for your dog’s entire body.

It keeps your dog’s tendons, skin and hair healthy, strong and flexible.

Furthermore, blood lubricates the joints and nourishes the mind.

It also keeps your dog calm and ensures good sleep.

The classic signs of TCVM Blood Deficiency in dogs are:

For example, a TCVM vet may notice a blood deficient dog has dandruff and a pale, dry tongue.

What Makes A Blood Building Diet For Dogs?

PET | TAO SOLUTIONS formulas are recommended to help return your pet’s health to a state of harmony.

PET | TAO SOLUTION Zing is formulated as an aid to help blood and energy flow throughout the body.

Zing formula is created with foods specifically chosen to be blood-building according to the principles of Eastern Food Therapy.

What Can A Blood Building Diet Do For Your Pet?

Using the guiding principles of Yin-Yang and the Five Elements, the unique combination of ingredients in the Zing Diet are energetically nourishing for blood.

Energetic balance promotes Harmony.

PET | TAO SOLUTIONS Zing Formula aids:

  • Cruciate disease
  • Cracked foot pads
  • Liver issues
  • Dry skin, scalp, and eyes
  • Premature greying of the hair
  • Loss of hair
  • Trembling
  • Nervousness
  • Insomnia

Pet parents can cook a blood building diet at home using PET | TAO’s recipes.

Eastern Food Therapy For Pets Ebook

Learn how to heal your pets with food therapy by cooking for them!

Written by Holistic TCVM Veterinarians, the free ebook “Eastern Food Therapy For Pets” has easy at-home tips and recipes to try.

Download your free ebook and:

  • Learn How to Cook for Your Pet Using Eastern Food Therapy
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  • Plus, Get Specific Info On:
    • The 4 Different Energetic Body Type
    • How to Identify your Pet’s Body Type
    • How to Choose Foods to Create Energetic Balance

“Eastern Food Therapy for Pets” gives you a basic understanding of Eastern Food Therapy.

You learn all the basics and get some quick and easy slow-cooker recipes to try.

“Eastern Food Therapy for Pets” topics include:

  • Get a grasp of Traditional Chinese Medicine and how the energetics of food plays a part in overall health
  • Learn about the four Branches of TCVM, along with their purpose and function
  • Yin-Yang Theory and Five Element Theory
  • Learn the basics of Excess and Deficiency Classifications
  • Dive into training on Food Energetics, and learn about the different energies foods possess and how food energetics affect health
  • Common Energetic Body Types & Recipes for Each
  • Learn how to spot the different energetic body types and how to help balance each with food.
  • Recipes included!

Download “Eastern Food Therapy For Pets” today!

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