Food Therapy for Cats

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Could your feline benefit from food therapy for cats?


In fact, you can help keep your cat energetically balanced using Eastern Food Therapy.

The goal of Eastern Food Therapy is harmony in the body.

Some pets are naturally balanced energetically, and some are not.

About TCVM Food Therapy

According to TCVM (Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine) Theory, any unnatural health condition in the body is due to some type of imbalance.

Therefore, the goal of TCVM and food therapy for cats is to bring your pet’s body back into balance.

Then, when your pet is attaining energetic balance, chronic health challenges become less of a problem, and your pet starts feeling much better.

Make Food Therapy Recipes At Home

Learn how to heal your pet or maintain overall health with food therapy for cats at home.

Easy slow cooker recipes for your cat can be found here.

Learn About PET | TAO Food Therapy

PET | TAO combines the best of both worlds in food therapy products to:

  • Nurture your pet’s energetic balance
  • Provide nutritionally competent formulas

PET | TAO premium holistic pet food takes healthy to a new level with food therapy products.

For example, PET | TAO formulas combine two unique schools of thought:

  • Eastern Food Therapy
  • Western Nutritional Science

PET | TAO offers treats and supplements to help cats attain and maintain energetic harmony.

Learn More About Food Therapy

You can learn how to cook for your pet by downloading the free ebook: Eastern Food Therapy for Pets: How to Use Food as Medicine for Health & Harmony.

Written by TCVM-trained veterinarians, Eastern Food Therapy for Pets is the perfect guide for your journey to better health for your cat.

Download your free ebook and:

  • Learn to cook for your pet using Eastern Food Therapy
  • Understand how Eastern Food Therapy can help your pet
  • Discover how Eastern Food Therapy works
  • Learn how to use Eastern Food Therapy as medicine
  • Plus, get specific info on:
    • Four different energetic body types
    • How to identify your pet’s body type
    • How to choose foods to create energetic balance

Body-type analysis instructions and easy-to-follow cat food recipes make using food as medicine a simple process.

TCVM Eastern Food Therapy helps cats with many different types of ailments. Chronic conditions respond remarkably well to using food as medicine.

In “Eastern Food Therapy for Pets” you’ll learn:

  • The basics of Traditional Chinese Medicine and how the energetics of food plays a part in overall health.
  • Learn about the four Branches of TCVM, along with their purpose and function.
  • Yin-Yang Theory and Five-Element Theory
  • Learn the basics of Excess and Deficiency classifications
  • Dive into training on Food Energetics, and learn about the different energies foods possess and how food energetics affect health.
  • Learn how to spot the different energetic body types and how to help balance each with food. Recipes included!

Download your free ebook and learn how to use food as medicine to make your cat feel great.

Ali Lehman

Ali Lehman

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