Dog Arthritis Herbal Remedy Options For Holistic Pet Parents

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Are you seeking a dog arthritis herbal remedy?

Treating arthritis in dogs with natural options is becoming more popular for the following reasons:

  • Risk of side effects for pharmaceutical medicines
  • Cost of pharmaceutical medicines
  • Multi-faceted approach to pain relief
  • Dogs with ailments, such as kidney or liver disease, that prohibit the use of pharmaceutical arthritis drugs
  • Herbs do not work like Western drugs.

You will not notice an immediate improvement, but you may notice an improvement over three to four weeks.

Dog Arthritis Herbal Remedy: Few Side Effects

Pet parents can use herbal medicine initially and then, as pets age and arthritis progresses, consider adding a Western drug to the treatment protocol.

This approach minimizes the risk of side effects, costs less, and gives your dog pain relief.

Best Approach To Using A Dog Arthritis Herbal Remedy

The best way to approach arthritis treatment in a middle-aged dog follows these three simple rules.

Tailor Dog Arthritis Herbal Remedy To Clinical Signs

Arthritis manifests in different ways in individual bodies.

Each dog needs to be treated differently, with each having a treatment tailored to their clinical signs.

This approach is both effective and safe.

Next, consider the second rule.

Know Treatment Expectations of Dog Arthritis Herbal Remedies

The success or failure of arthritis treatments depends on you and your veterinarian identifying the expectations of the chosen treatment.

Consider Alternatives

Many older dogs have both arthritis and other significant health problems.

Liver disease and kidney disease are the most common internal organ dysfunctions in older dogs.

Ideally, the best treatment doesn’t affect the kidneys or liver.

Most Western arthritis drugs (NSAIDs) are metabolized via the kidney or liver.

In the best interest of your dog, natural treatments are tailored to the patient according to the presenting signs.

It is up to you to weigh all of the pros and cons and determine which treatment is best for you and your pet.

Powerful Tools for Dog Arthritis Challenges

There are many quick and easy changes you can make at home to help give your dog an edge on easing dog arthritis pain.

Easy Dog Arthritis Hacks:

  • Try cooking for your dog or feeding a high-quality dog food. Home-cooked diets and wet food help keep your pet from gaining too much weight. In turn, less weight means less stress on your dog’s bones and joints. PET | TAO’s Chill and Blaze are top choices for arthritic dogs.
  • Ease your dog’s discomfort naturally. PET | TAO Comfort is a blend of herbs and supplements to soothe your dog’s arthritic challenges to make him/her more comfortable.
  • Provide joint support. PET | TAO’s Harmonize Joint is a blend of Eastern herbs and Western supplements working together to lubricate and restore your dog’s joints.
  • Try Freeze Dried Kidney Treats. According to TCVM, Kidney controls the bones and joints and supports arthritic challenges in a “like treats like” manner.
  • Learn more about TCVM Herbal Remedies. Chinese medicine offers many amazing natural solutions for dog arthritis. Some good examples are:

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