All Natural Herbs For When Your Dog is Lethargic

All Natural Herbs For When Your Dog is Lethargic

Firstly, if your dog is lethargic suddenly, consult your veterinarian right away. Lethargy may be a sign of serious health conditions.

Secondly, if after seeking help from your pet’s veterinarian, and serious medical issues are ruled out, you still notice your dog is lethargic, consider other issues.

Your vet will likely give your pet a thorough physical examination. Additionally, they will ask questions about your dog’s behavior and medical history.

Next, they may run diagnostic tests, such as blood, urine and fecal tests. Lastly, your veterinarian may perform x-rays, imaging scans and an electrocardiogram to check for heart problems.

Why Your Dog is Lethargic

If your pet has started a new medication, this may be an obvious cause why your dog is lethargic. For example, a new flea or worm product may cause dog lethargy.


Most importantly, your veterinarian will rule out infections. For example, these may include parvovirus, distemper, kennel cough or leptospirosis.


Firstly, anemia is typically caused by parasites. For example, a flea infection or intestinal parasite may cause anemia.


Next, your veterinarian will rule out disease.

Firstly, they will check for heart problems, liver problems, diabetes, and hypoglycemia.

Secondly, they will check for diarrhea, hypothyroidism, or tumors.


Toxic foods, such as garlic and onions, may cause dog lethargy.

Emotional disturbances

Emotional or physical pain, or trauma, may be causing your dog to become lethargic. For example, just like humans, dogs can become depressed.

Your pet may be depressed if you notice them:

  • Being less playful
  • Licking their paws
  • Losing their appetite
  • Being less social.

Natural Herbs to Help Your Lethargic Dog

Does your pet experience other side effects?

For example:

  • Occasional loose stools
  • Reduced appetite
  • Occasional weak limbs, loss of balance

Kan Essentials Six Gentle Pets was created with a special blend of herbs to help when your dog is lethargic. It supports healthy respiratory and digestive systems, as well as emotional well-being.

White Atractylodes Rhizome

Firstly, veterinarians recommend white atractylodes rhizomes to improve the immune system, protect the liver, and enhance hematopoietic function.

Secondly, they are used to benefit natural urination, sweating, and induce diuresis.


Doctors recommend poria for loss of memory, anxiety, restlessness, fatigue, and tension.

Ginger Cured Pinellia Rhizome

Doctors typically prescribe pinellia rhizome to eliminate phlegm or treat cough and vomiting.

White Asian Ginseng Root and Rhizome

According to studies, ginseng is a promising treatment for fatigue.

Tangerine Dried Rind of Mature Fruit

Most importantly, tangerine dried rind of mature fruit improves abdominal distension, enhances digestion, and reduces phlegm.

Chinese Licorice Root and Rhizome

Most importantly, veterinarians recommend licorice root and rhizome to treat fatigue.

Seeking an all-natural treatment for when your dog is lethargic?

Try Kan Essentials Six Gentle Pets.

Ali Lehman

Ali Lehman

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