5 Benefits Of Feeding Freeze Dried Dog Food

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Compared to freeze dried dog food, home cooking is time-intensive.

Furthermore, if you want to cook pet food that is energetically balanced, additional steps must be taken.

For example, it involves:

  • First, evaluating the energetic of each ingredient
  • Second, following the correct ingredient proportions
  • Next, scouring grocery stores and farmer’s markets for hard-to-find organs
  • Searching for the perfect calcium supplement
  • Actual cooking time: leaving slow-cooker on for 8 hours or more depending on whether you are cooking bones
  • Last, cleaning up the dishes and the mess

Why Is Freeze Dried Dog Food Beneficial?

Dog food with energetic balance helps all pets live longer lives.

Additionally, PET | TAO removes the obstacles standing between you and consistent, energetically balanced meals for your dog.

Benefits of freeze dried dog food therapy:

  • Easiest form of food therapy available
  • More time to spend with your pet
  • Less time measuring and following crockpot recipes
  • Lower vet bills
  • Easy to convince your dog to eat
  • Simple to mix with other foods
  • Easy to put on top of other foods
  • Nugget-size pieces work for all size dogs
  • Easy to rehydrate

How Are Meats Freeze Dried?

Freeze drying starts with flash-freezing food in a vacuum chamber at -50 to -60 degrees Fahrenheit.

Then, low-level heat is then applied to evaporate any ice crystals, removing about 98% of moisture.

Why Freeze Dry Dog Food For Pets?

Flash-frozen foods keep without preservatives, additives or chemicals.

In fact, freeze dried meat retains its vitamin, mineral and fat content.

Furthermore, the process of freeze drying does less harm to the meat than heat-based preservation methods.

Additionally, conventional cooking reduces amino acids, denatures peptides, alters flavors and aromas, and decomposes vitamins and fatty acids.

Freeze dried meat also retains many of the properties of raw meat.

Also, freeze drying meat decreases oxidation, so it is shelf-stable for a longer period of time than other preserved products.

How Long Does Freeze Dried Food Stay Fresh?

PET | TAO freeze dried dog food lists 18 months on the bags, as long as the unopened bag is kept at low humidity.

But, they may last much longer if kept under the right conditions.

Like beef jerky, as long as moisture can’t get to them, the food will last a long time (years).

Can You Reconstitute Freeze Dried Food In Water?

Freeze drying usually yields 25% of the original wet weight of the meat.

If you rehydrate the pieces of food, they should quadruple in weight.

Freeze dried dog food can be used in two ways:

1. As a dry meal mixer, add to your dog’s regular meal.

2. As a rehydrated complete and balanced meal, add 12 tbsp or 6 fluid ounces of warm water per cup of food.

How To Feed Freeze Dried Pet Food

Each bag contains roughly 8 cups un-rehydrated freeze dried raw dog food.

Optimal feeding amounts vary with age, size, breed and activity level.

Amount of food consumed will vary based on breed, age, activity level, and environment.

Furthermore, consult your veterinarian if you think your dog is too thin or overweight.

Keep the product in a sealed bag.

Always wash hands, utensils, work area, and food bowls with soapy, hot water after each feeding. Additionally, remove and discard leftovers after 2 hours if water was added.

Looking for an energetically balanced dog food for your pet?

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