Best Dog UTI Natural Remedy Options For Holistic Pet Parents

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A dog UTI natural remedy may help a pet suffering from bladder health challenges. These dog bladder symptoms could be caused by a urinary tract infection (UTI) or something more serious such as: Kidney failure Cushing’s disease Diabetes Bladder tumor Bladder or kidney stones Non-infectious bladder inflammation (sterile cystitis) A “foreign body” Take your pup […]

How to Treat a Cat UTI At Home

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A cat UTI is more common in female cats than male cats. However, male cats can have serious complications from UTIs as well. Cats diagnosed with idiopathic cystitis can also have crystal formation. Male cats may experience blockage in their narrow urethras, which can become deadly. Urinary tract infections occur when bacteria grows in the […]

Easy Cat UTI Prevention

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Cat UTI prevention is simple once you understand the root cause. Your veterinarian can help you uncover the root cause of your cat’s persistent infections. Once you figure out why your cat keeps getting UTIs, take one of the following precautionary measures. At Home Cat UTI Prevention Your vet will let you know the best […]