Discover Health Solutions For Your Pet with a Food Therapy Consultation

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A food therapy consultation for your pet may be the key to uncovering their optimal health. Most importantly, 60% of chronic disease is a consequence of industrialization: processed foods and a sedentary lifestyle, according to the World Health Organization. Similarly, the consequences of industrialization affect animals by initiating chronic disease in pets. Above all, simple […]

Why Try All Natural Epakitin For Cat Kidney Disease?

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Cat kidney disease is a common ailment in older cats. For example, common causes of cat kidney disease include: Kidney infections and blockages Advanced dental disease High blood pressure Old age Luckily, veterinarians offer natural and effective treatments for addressing cat kidney disease. Kidney Disease Symptoms Cats with advanced kidney disease or renal failure will […]

Easy Cat UTI Prevention

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Cat UTI prevention is simple once you understand the root cause. Your veterinarian can help you uncover the root cause of your cat’s persistent infections. Once you figure out why your cat keeps getting UTIs, take one of the following precautionary measures. At Home Cat UTI Prevention Your vet will let you know the best […]