Why Try All Natural Epakitin For Cat Kidney Disease?

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Cat kidney disease is a common ailment in older cats. For example, common causes of cat kidney disease include: Kidney infections and blockages Advanced dental disease High blood pressure Old age Luckily, veterinarians offer natural and effective treatments for addressing cat kidney disease. Kidney Disease Symptoms Cats with advanced kidney disease or renal failure will […]

Food Therapy for Cats

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Could your feline benefit from food therapy for cats? Yes! In fact, you can help keep your cat energetically balanced using Eastern Food Therapy. The goal of Eastern Food Therapy is harmony in the body. Some pets are naturally balanced energetically, and some are not. About TCVM Food Therapy According to TCVM (Traditional Chinese Veterinary […]

Eastern and Western Cat Cancer Treatments

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As cats age, they often get lumps and bumps. In veterinary medicine, these are called masses or tumors. Not all tumors are cancerous, but some are. Common causes of cat lumps and bumps are: Abscesses Fatty tumors Mast cell tumors Sebaceous cysts Warts. Only your veterinarian can diagnose exactly what type of tumor your cat […]