Cat Acupuncture 101: Essential Things Every Owner Should Know for a Happier, Healthier Pet


A veterinarian with specialized training in this field is pivotal in cat acupuncture. They assess whether your cat could benefit from this treatment modality. Often utilized for acute and chronic conditions, acupuncture is not typically offered as primary care in emergencies. Acupuncture, a millennia-old treatment harmonizing with traditional medicine, has made significant strides in veterinary […]

Here’s Why a Visit to a Vet Clinic for Cats is Crucial: Recognizing the Top 5 Cat Conditions

why a visit to a vet clinic for cats is crucial: recognizing the top 5 cat conditions

We love our feline friends and want the best care for them, and we can get paranoid and overthink when a visit to a vet clinic for cats is needed. Cats are generally known for their self-sufficiency and independence, but it is our responsibility as their owners to make sure they get the regular veterinary […]

Cat Liver Problems and Herbal Solutions

Cat Liver Problems and Herbal Solutions at white oak animal hospital, fairview animal clinic, petvet, fairview tn veterinarian, animalia

Cat liver problems are extremely common. Firstly, the liver is important for many bodily functions. For example, it aids digestion, synthesizes proteins and hormones, regulates energy, and maintains metabolism. Importantly, it also helps eliminate waste from the body. Secondly, the blood supply between the gut and the liver connect. Therefore, the liver is susceptible to […]