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Prolotherapy is also known as “proliferation therapy” or “regenerative injection therapy.  It involves injection of mild irritants in tissues of the body in order to stimulate healing and repair of damaged tissue. It is primarily used to treat pain in the joints of the body.

The joints of the body have tendons and ligaments surrounding them. When these structure become damaged or torn, the body has a difficult time healing them, especially the ligaments. Ligaments attach bone to bone and notoriously have poor blood supply. This is a primary reason damaged ligaments do not heal well. Prolotherapy involves injecting substances in these ligaments that cause inflammation. This process increases blood flow and “turns on” the body’s natural healing mechanisms.  This allows for new stronger tissue to form and over time will alleviate the pain associated with the previously damaged tissue.

Prolotherapy is not suitable in all cases. If the ligament or tendons are torn completely, surgery for the affected area is generally a much better option.