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Biopuncture is a type of therapy where biological products are injected into specific sites on the body. These injections are usually given in the muscle or subcutaneous tissues. The products which are injected generally are derived from plants and are intended to stimulate the immune system. These types of injections are often given in acupuncture points. The theory is these products will have greater stimulation at these points. 

What kinds of products are injected?

img_RCS_zeelThe products used for injection include such things as Vitamin B12, Traumeel, Zeel, and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP). The PRP is often injected into damaged muscle, ligaments, or joints.

Are these products safe for my pet?

Yes. These products are held to the same standards for all injectable medications. Many of the medications used are approved for human use also. 

How do these products work?

In Biopuncture, the medications given are usually in very small doses. The low dose “wakes up” the immune system. The body heals itself instead of the medication doing the work. The reaction by the body may include such things as increased blood flow, relaxation of muscles, or tissue repair. These treatments may take longer than conventional medicine to heal the body but with fewer side effects.